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Audiovisual performances @ Planétarium

Date : Fri. 6th April 2007
Time : 21h (limited to 109 seats, please be on time)
Entrance : 8 eur | 4 eur for GOTO10 and EMF members
Location : le Planétarium de l'Espace Mendès-France, Poitiers

21.00 - 21.45 --- Faltig - Frank Barknecht (DE)
22.00 - 22.30 --- chdh- Cyrille Henry (FR) and Nicolas Montgermont (FR)

Using physical modeling as a basis for both audio and visuals, creates a very intuitive bond between them. Both of tonites performances are performed using digital instruments that use this principal. They simulate forces such as elasticity and gravity to move the inner worlds of the sound and image they've created.

Faltig --- Frank Barknecht (DE)

Faltig My current project "Faltig" is again developed using Pure Data and consists of sound and visuals, that both are produced simultaneously by evaluating an underlying physical model, that in itself is invisible and inaudible. While performing, just the model is influenced directly, while the visual and auditory aspects mainly provide feedback to guide the performer's improvisations.
It is hoped, that in this setup the model creates an intimate link between sound and video, so that both become more than the sum of their parts.
Parts of this software that are considered to be of general use are published under a free license for others to study and use.

chdh --- Cyrille Henry and Damien Montgermont (FR)

chdh chdh developped a body of work based on theoretical principles, making the creation of a live, real-time, audio-visual performance based on about thirty instruments possible. These instruments are made of generative, stochastic or physical modelling algorithms and each of them control a sound and an image.
With mathematical algorithms as well as physical modeling for the real time generation of control data of an audio/video synthesis, chdh brings a new vision of the data-processing use of tools in musical creation. Using instruments that have both an audio and a video component which are controlled by the same parameters, allows for an effective management of the audio-visual relations. This project required the development of a virtual world made of abstract creatures, more or less autonomous. During a performance, chdh plays with these « instruments », in order to make them react both visually and aurally. Two musicians, connected through a network, interact on the same interface with motorized MIDI faders. Each instrument, or « patch », can then be played by one of the two musicians or both simultaneously. They handle the instruments by using an abstract layer which modifies the parameters of the algorithm. Each algorithm then creates data used for the synthesis of video and sound, giving a strong cohesion between the two media.
Aesthetic of video and sound is minimalist: sines, diracs and noises interacts with cubes, spheres and other 3D primitives forms in a black and white environment. The different instruments make possible the creation of a solo / accompaniment musical structure; to let the audience discover the intrinsic bonds between image and sound as well as to create a polyrythmy by playing on the visual and sound space granted to each instrument.

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