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make art 2009 posters

For make art 2009, LAFKON developed generative posters to promote a week dedicated to the world of Free Software and digital arts, make art 2009. Glued together inside bash scripts, Processing, LaTeX and a bag full of GNU/Linux utilities lay the foundation for this scripted design.

Processing sketches are mostly based on GPL licensed code from
LAFKON make art 2009 posters source code can be found here:

"Bottom up! Scriptable design" talk outline

What possibilities does FLOSS offer for graphic design beside the replacement of common workflows already known from the world of closed-source software?

Processing, an open source "programming language and integrated development environment (IDE) built for the electronic arts and visual design communities" meets software dinosaurs like Donald Knuth's typesetting program TeX and the free software Unix shell Bash .

The talk will summarize experiences made during practice and give a look-out to future plans.


Christoph Haag studied design at the Academy of Media Arts Cologne / Department of Hybrid Space.

Benjamin Stephan studied design and computer sciences at the University of Applied Sciences Augsburg.

They are working together as LAFKON since 2001, doing research, experimentation and commercially applied design. LAFKON is currently based in Augsburg, Germany.