_        _     ____     _       _   _______|_|
                  | |_    _| |  _|____|_  | |    _|_| |  _____|
                  |  _|__|_  | | |____| | | |___|_|   | |_____
                  | | |__| | | |  ____  | |  ___|_    |  _____|
                  | |      | | | |_   | | | |   |_|_  | |_______
                  |_|_     |_| |___|  |_| |_|     |_| |_________|
                    |_|_          ____     _______     _________
                      |_|       _|____|_  |  _____|_  |___   ___|_    _
                               | |____| | | |_____|_|     | |   |_|  |_|
                 from          |  __    | |  _   _|       | |
                  4 to 7       | |  |_  | | | |_|___     _|_|
                NOVEMBER 2010  |_|    |_| |_|   |___|   |_|

                                 (version en français cliquez ici)


The sixth edition of make artin-between design: rediscovering 
collaboration in digital art – will take place in Poitiers (FR), from 
the 4th to the 7th of November 2010.

make art is an international festival dedicated to the integration 
of Free/Libre/Open Source Software (FLOSS) in digital art.
make art offers performances, presentations, workshops and an 
exhibition, focusing on the encounter between digital art and free 

in-between design: rediscovering collaboration in digital art

Today's market production accelerates the spread of non-critical and 
standardized aesthetics, by means of locked top-down distribution 
mechanisms and a series of tools that enforce it. At the same time 
new forms of methodologies inspired or powered by free software, 
participatory practices and peer-to-peer networks are fueling many 
Internet subcultures. Some of these emerging practices will lead to 
competitive social productions, while other will remain as pure 
artistic experiments.

For example, a common hypothesis is that by adopting production and
distribution methods based on free software and open standards and by
sharing the sources of one's work with others, the collective knowledge
base and aesthetic sensibilities can freely interact to explore
uncharted, hybrid directions which no longer reflect the supremacy of a
single idea. Such an assumption raises several questions:

 - Does the sharing of artworks "recipes" and tools help debunk 
   the myth of the isolated design genius?
 - By leaving the possibility of ongoing development and refinement, 
   is it possible to ever produce a "final" design? 
 - Can these methods and technologies inspire new forms of creation or 
   tools, beyond self-referential productions? 
 - Is it wishful thinking to approach collaborative graphical design 
   in the same way as an open source software project?
 - Is Free and Open Source licensing a catalyst for creation or does 
   it add an extra level of complexity?
 - Can the limitation of one license trigger new forms of constrained 

We're currently seeking new, innovative media art and design works and 
projects focusing on the above theme and questions: 
 - graphical artworks and installations
 - lectures
 - project presentations 
 - software and hardware demos

We're also seeking audiovisual performances that will take place 
during the festival evenings.

The submitted projects must fit this focus and be made in a free/libre
and open source environment, this includes both its optional 
dependencies or production tools and the operating system. We are 
asking you to publish the sources of your project under a free culture
license of your choice or release it into the public domain. 
Projects that do not meet these criteria will not be considered.

How to apply

Please download the submission form, fill it in and return it to 
makeart2010-call =at= goto10 =dot= org before the 31st of July 
2nd of August 2010 with the following attachments :
 - 3 high quality pictures
 - any extra documentation file or URL
 - a detailed technical rider (for the project realisation at make 

make art is a small festival, we can provide selected projects with 
accommodation, travel and a modest fee. We cannot cover the full 
development of projects, but a small budget for materials may be 

Incomplete or late applications will not be processed.


2nd of August           – Deadline call for proposals
Beginning of September  – Selected projects notifications
4th-7th of November 10  – make art 2010 - Poitiers (FR)

For examples of previous editions, please visit the archives :

                                 (version en français cliquez ici)

make art is powered by GOTO10